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Responsive Design



Full & Responsive Design



Try resizing your browser’s screen and see as the layout adjusts to the size of the window.It just looks fantastic on mobile devices such as iPhones/Smarphones or Tablet-Pc’s.



Theme Customization



Change colors, backgrounds, patterns, styles…


Build your page with an incredible ease using the Freshlook Page Options, where you can customize every page individually, like adding Slides, change backgrounds… you name it!.



Designare Slider



Freshlook Powerful Main Slider

Create how many sliders you want in a few minutes!

The first element your clients will see. With Freshlook’s powerful main slider your clients will be stunned. Capable of dealing with both Photos and Video, it has beautiful and catchy transition effects, thumbnail previews and with the Animated Captions you can highlight your personal message right in to your target eyes!


  • 99%Simple with a fast edition



Visual Shortcodes



Visual Shortcodes Editor

Use your creativity to create attractive and effective pages!





Freshlook comes with a built-in visual shortcodes editor where you can preview the appearance of the page. Draw the page your way before anyone sees!


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Admin Panel



Powerfull Designare Admin Panel




You can build your custom skin using the several options the Designare panel provides – you can change all the main styles within the theme from the admin panel. Additionally, there are custom patterns and colors that you can choose between for every sections of the page.



5 Post Types



5 Different Post Types



With Five different Post Types (Featured-Image, Slideshow, Video, Audio & Text) your posts are fully individually customizable, so you can decide personalize each post as you wish.

Unlimited Portfolios



Create unlimited Portfolios, with unlimited projects each!



This theme come with a custom projects Structure where you can manage differents portfolios and respective projects. You can create unlimited portfolios and inside the portfolios you can create unlimited projects.